And Then There Were Two: Sometimes You Just Need The Shoes...                                                          

Sometimes You Just Need The Shoes...



But sometimes?

Sometimes you haven't bought yourself anything nice for four years because your children need new shoes and they have ruined your cheap couch with a delightful concoction of bodily fluids, milk, play dough and felt tip pen.

And sometimes you see some shoes and they remind you that there are other things in life to spend money on instead of stocking your kitchen cupboards with crap like Dairylea Dunkers and Fruit Winders, which masquerade as calcium and 'real fruit' laden snacks but which are so full of sugar that they immediately begin to decay your children's teeth on impact.

And sometimes, because you spend so much time couch-ridden of an evening, listening with baited breath to the baby monitor, desperately praying the children remain asleep ALL EFFING NIGHT, you realise it might be more comfortable to 'relax' on a couch which cost £2000 rather than £200.

And sometimes, because you basically spend almost every penny you earn on your children bar paying for petrol and wine, you decide that sod it.

You will buy the shoes and you will buy the couch (it's on 0% interest free credit and you pay nothing for a year anyway) because you realise that you can actually make life about people and love and warm fuzzy feelings like that. But you can do it all on a fancy couch in a shit-hot pair of heels.

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