And Then There Were Two: Now You Are Four                                                          

Now You Are Four

Dear Big One

Four years ago I had just given birth. I was holding a naked, newborn you in my arms and I knew my whole world had changed. You became the centre of it and turned it upside down.

You taught me to feel everything with an intensity I never believed existed: exhaustion, excitement, frustration, joy. But most of all love. 

It's been an adventure Big One. We have travelled around the sun together four times. 

There's no bigger adventure than that. 

I hope you like your gifts today Big One. But know that, no matter how much you love them, they will never compare to the gift we were blessed with four years ago.

They will never compare to the gift of you. 

Love you forever. Always have. Always will.


P.s sorry you haven't received the six board games you requested for the very first time at bed time last night. I need a bit more notice than that.