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Daddy's Boy

Something strange has started to happen in our house.

My children have always been 'Mummy's boys'. They come to me for a cuddle. They want me to put them to bed. They want me to play with them. They want to stay with me at home if Daddy is going to the shop but they want to come with me to the shop if Daddy is staying at home.

But in the past couple of months it has all started to change.

The Big One is becoming a Daddy's boy.

He wants Daddy to read him his bedtime stories and he wants to go to the café for breakfast just him and Daddy. He wants to do whatever Daddy is doing. Sometimes this is filling a skip with crap from the garage. Sometimes it's doing their Euro 2016 sticker books. Sometimes it's watering the plants.

But he wants to be just like Daddy.

I'd love to pretend I hate it and that I miss him wanting me so much.

But really?

I bloody love it! For a couple of reasons:

a) because it gives me a very welcome breather. For a long time we would walk the rocky path towards tantrum territory if Daddy was doing the bedtime routine. The Big One was just not having it. But now? Sometimes I can put Little One to bed and be downstairs with the gin poured by 7pm :)

b) because, mostly, I love watching their relationship develop.

Daddy is much more fun than Mummy. Mummy doesn't tackle with as much 'oomph' as Daddy when we're playing rugby. Mummy is actually worse than Big One when we go to crazy golf so it is left to Daddy to teach him how to hold the club properly. Mummy does not appreciate the Euro 2016 sticker book as much as Daddy. Mummy does not take him to the café for breakfast as much as Daddy.

So, naturally, he is becoming a Daddy's boy. And I'm ok with that. He still wants Mummy cuddles when he falls over or if he is tired. For now.

They might not last forever. But while they're here? I'm taking every last one of them.

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