And Then There Were Two: A Letter To My Body                                                          

A Letter To My Body

Dear post-baby body

The other day I felt myself looking at you in disgust. I was focussing on my wobbly tummy, my big thighs and my less-than-perky boobs. I decided I should start eating better - perhaps just have a smoothie for breakfast and salads for lunch and dinner. I felt like I needed to change you.

But then my children cuddled me and I realised something much more important than having abs and a thigh gap.

You are not just my body. You are not just a vessel to hold all my organs together so that I can function on a daily basis.

You are amazing. You carried, cared for and gave life to my babies. Not just once, but twice.

You endured discomfort and pain for nine months whilst you carried my babies. They made you feel sick. They stretched you. They made your hips ache and your ankles sore when you stood up for too long. They made your boobs grow and hurt and, towards the end, you could barely sleep.

And then you gave birth to them. You pushed my babies out, each time enduring increasingly painful contractions. And you just 'did it'.

And then afterwards, it still hurt. You bled for seven weeks before having a week's reprieve only to be rewarded with your period which, in typical post-labour fashion, lasted five weeks.

And whilst you were bleeding, your boobs were growing. They hurt and leaked and I couldn't find anything that made us feel comfortable.

So whilst I sit and complain that my tummy wobbles a bit, I'll remember how you grew our babies.

And whilst I moan that my boobs have shrunk and they are not quite as firm as they used to be, I'll remember how you fed our babies.

And whilst I beseech my big hips, I'll remember how those hips helped birth our babies.

Because they are our babies. You gave them more life than anyone.

And I'll look after you. But I wont deprive you. I wont force myself to live on smoothies and salads in an attempt to get you back to how you looked when I was 21.

And I don't really want to. Because when I was 21 I didn't have my children.

You have been through a lot. And you should be rewarded not deprived. You have given me the best thing in the world. Better than being a size 8 again and better than having cellulite-free legs.

You have given me our gorgeous children.

So I'm giving you a break.

Now let's have a biscuit :)

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