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My Top Five Parenting Idols (on cBeebies)

There are some amazing parents out there who are ever present with their children. Who never use the television as a means of snatching a hot cup of tea here and there or entertaining their children whilst they try and get some housework done.

I am not one of those parents. I am equally-amazing-but-somewhat-slightly-lazier and this means that, sometimes, cBeebies is my very best friend. I am especially keen on this over other channels because I feel like the programmes are chosen carefully to provide something educational for my child (Alphablocks) or to teach him about moral issues (Wooly and Tig) or to inspire him to get creative (Mister Maker).

But it also inspires me because, quite frankly, there is a whole host of amazing fictional parents on cBeebies and I genuinely hope to parent as well as they do one of these days. Here are my top 5:

1. Topsy and Tim's Mum. It is blatantly obvious that she is fictional as she never mutters "ffs" under her breath whilst the twins are having an argument or gets a bit shouty when they make a mess of her living room. She is like the Stepford Mum of kids tv.

2. Flop from Bing. He's like this little knitted Saint. And he has the patience of one, especially as Bing is probably one of the most annoying characters in the whole show (which is an interesting character trait given he's the protagonist). I need Flop's patience.

3. Peter Rabbit's Mum (does she have a first name?) Not only is she a single mum of four children, two of whom are twins, but she is also a widow. Plus she lets her troubleseeker of a son out on his own without stressing too much about him being eaten by an owl/fox/badger whilst stealing radishes from an allotment. She has done well not to keep the apron strings too tight there.

4. Queen Martha (Mike the Knight's Mum). Basically the military wife of CBeebies, holding the literal fort whilst her husband is off fighting battles. She also has the added responsibility of the dragons.

5. Charlie and Lola's Mum (another nameless parent). She is always in shouting distance but mostly leaves them to get on and entertain each other unless she has to go to the dentist or something. Presumably she is sat in the kitchen with a hot coffee and a good book?! Now THAT is inspiring!

So there we are - my top five. And if anyone was wondering which fictional parent would be my least inspiring?

Probably Dilys Price from Fireman Sam which isn't on CBeebies but is still educational enough - biggest lesson learnt - don't live in PontyPandy - it's rife with fire. And most of this fire is a result of Norman Price who Dilys has;
a) raised poorly
b) left unsupervised so often I'd imagine she's on some sort of list.

So, in comparison, it seems like I'm doing a pretty good job of parenting.

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