And Then There Were Two: Now That You Are One                                                          

Now That You Are One

People used to tell me that the time would go too fast
That I'd blink, I'd miss it and it would be gone
I never used to understand exactly what they meant
But I understand it now that you are one.

Parents the world over will tell you of the truth
That though the years are short, the days are long
And sometimes it would seem those days would never ever end
But a year has ended now that you are one.

I spent so many moments quietly wishing for the time
You would roll and sit and crawl and walk along
And now you run away from me and try to climb the stairs
And it's all behind me now that you are one.

And when I'm looking back to when I wished for all these things
I cannot fathom where the time has gone
For now you're not a baby, you're a toddler, you're a child
And it's overwhelming now that you are one.

For, looking back this year, I can't remember every day
I don't recall the first time that you rolled
My memories are giggles, smiles and cuddles with us all
That's all that matters now that you are one.

I met you just a year ago but loved you way before
And now a year has come and been and gone
You make me smile and make me proud - every single day

Happy Birthday darling

Now that you are one

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