And Then There Were Two: To My Children, After Paris                                                          

To My Children, After Paris

Sometimes, my darling children, things will happen in this world
Things which make us terrified and sad
It's not my job to shield you from these horrifying truths
But to show you good will ALWAYS conquer bad.

For sometimes small minorities will choose to do great wrong
And when they do brave innocents will fall
But watch the vast majority when all these things occur,
You'll see the world is standing strong and tall.

For in the aftermath of bad, when evil's left its mark
And hopes to grow and spread and breed contempt,
You'll hear the personal stories of the people who survived
Tales of life and love not hate and death.

Sometimes people lose their lives through evil circumstance
But rest assured their deaths are not in vain
This world will always stand up and unite against the bad
And kindness, love and goodness WILL prevail.