And Then There Were Two: Things That Are Better With Children                                                          

Things That Are Better With Children

The other day we went on a family day out to the zoo. On the way home, both children fell asleep in the back of the car and me and Mr H basked in the silence, held hands and just enjoyed the 'two-ness' of our journey.

Then we broke the silence and started to reminisce about the old days, pre-children, when we would return from a day out (not at the zoo. Somewhere very grown up and sophisticated. Like The Range), and only have three things to do: put on the tv, the kettle and pyjamas.

We would not have to move or speak for the remainder of the day, except maybe to order takeaway or stick a pizza in the oven. Bliss.

Then we talked about the imminent arrival home in five minutes, when both children would wake up at the ceasing of the engine, to demand we watch CBeebies, get them a drink and make them something to eat. Then, after a couple of hours of playing car races, hide and seek and trains, the bedtime routine would begin and play out before they were both asleep four hours after returning from the zoo. Four hours after getting home we would finally be able to put on pyjamas and order a takeaway.

Which got me thinking; returning from days out are definitely not better with children. But, luckily, there are lots of things which are.....

Sticks, trees and wellies. The perfect walk for little ones.

Christmas jumpers for the children are a given!
Just kidding. We would like some more sleep please children. Love you

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