And Then There Were Two: Autumn Playdough Play                                                          

Autumn Playdough Play

I'm not really one for posts about doing crafts and activities with my kids, mostly because sometimes watching 'Mister Maker' is our craft time, and the rest of the time we just do ordinary, boring painting and stuff. I don't usually do anything ground breaking or overly exciting.


But this weekend we went for a family walk to a gorgeous park near us. We collected conkers and acorns and looked at how the leaves were different colours. And it sounds so cheesy but it inspired me.

So on Tuesday when Daddy took the eldest to swimming lessons, I made Autumn play dough - pale orange and scented with vanilla, and I set up the play dough table to inspire R when he got home:

I gathered some petals from a vase of flowers which were past their best and collected some leaves from the garden:

He was so excited when he got home! He started playing with it straight away. Naturally I wanted to join in too so I showed him how we could use the different objects to create representations of other animals and objects. This is what we produced together:
Then I left it up to him. He took all the objects out and rolled the play dough back up into a ball. Then he used a rolling pin to flatten it and enjoyed pressing the conkers and acorns into the dough.
He just enjoyed the texture and the process of pushing them into the play dough. Then he got everything else and poured it over the top, announcing that he'd made Daddy a birthday cake!
But that wasn't the end. He put it away for that day but has had it out everyday since. The day after, he took out the play dough again and, this time, experimented with different objects and how he could combine these with the play dough.
I felt a bit like Mum of the Year that day, especially when, instead of being a miserable old bag about the inclement weather (i.e it was pissing it down), I actually embraced it and encouraged R to come with me on a 'rainy adventure' to jump in puddles. 
Normal business has since resumed. CBeebies is on again.