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This Too Shall Pass

Probably one of my most hated phrases when it comes to parenting; This too shall pass.

Unfortunately it can sometimes take years for 'this' to pass and even if it passes quickly, when you're in the depths of it all, it means sweet FA that it'll end at some indeterminate point in the future.

A week ago I had a really rough day. I spent the whole day on the verge of, or in actual, tears. I googled symptoms of post natal depression. I googled sleep deprivation. I didn't want to leave the house.

It turns out I was exhausted and it was the wrong time of the month to be exhausted. I'd had about three hours sleep and my hormones were raging. The following day I felt a bit better. Two days later I felt completely fine.

But that day I was so completely overwhelmed by the thought of getting up and parenting over and over again, day in, day out. And ironically it was my children who helped me put things in perspective. Not the kids directly, but a CD the eldest insists on listening to every time we get into the car; the Disney Cars soundtrack.

One of the songs, Behind the Clouds by Brad Paisley has this line:

I listened to this and got a bit choked. It made me realise that just because I was having a bad day, it didn't mean it would last forever. It just felt like it at the time.

And even though it pained me to say it to myself, I knew that this too would pass.

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