And Then There Were Two: Things I REALLY want to say when someone tells me they're pregnant                                                          

Things I REALLY want to say when someone tells me they're pregnant

Becoming pregnant is usually such an exciting time for the expectant parents. Even with my second, when we knew what we were letting ourselves in for (or did we? More on that to follow), we were still so excited.

But of course it's worth it!!
And then you post your scan on Facebook or something (our chosen method of sharing the news) and you get a hundred people saying "Congratulations!" and "So happy and excited for you!". And then you have the baby and people say "It's the best job in the world" and, my personal favourite, "Enjoy every second!"

And it sort of lulls you into a false sense of security that this is going to be the most magical, wonderful experience of your life. Which of course it is. But not every second. Not every second of every minute of every hour of every day can you possibly feel happy, excited and be enjoying it. So this is what I'd really love to say when people tell me they're pregnant:

I really wish someone had told me the last one. I was a bit of a cocky sod, I'll admit, because I thought, "I've done this before, it was fine, we'll do things the same." Then I had my second baby and it turns out he's a different child! So 'the same' things don't work. And I also forgot that my eldest would keep on growing and would still need supporting through developmental leaps and stages. Having one is a piece of cake compared to having two in my opinion!

But of course the thing no one tells you, probably because they can't even begin to put it into words, is that you'll feel love like you've never experienced in your life. Especially the first time they sleep through the night ;)
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