And Then There Were Two: The Tidying Up Battle                                                          

The Tidying Up Battle

There are two distinct roles post-bedtime routine in our house.
Jobs I have to do after putting kids to bed:

Jobs my husband has to do after putting kids to bed:
There's one job we both hate: tidying up whatever toys have escaped the playroom. In essence this simply means throwing the toys from the living room back into the conservatory (playroom), shutting the door and pretending the house is pristine.

Even the dog looks on bewildered as to why these toys are STILL HERE!!

But after the ball-ache of all those jobs (or FIFA - "it's so tense!") neither of us can be arsed, so it becomes a bit of a stand-off. A battle of 'Who will fling this plastic crap into the next room first?'

It's usually me.