And Then There Were Two: I'm Dating a Married Man                                                          

I'm Dating a Married Man

I know - it's shocking. But before you get all judgemental, I should say that his wife doesn't mind. Neither does my husband.

Because I'm married too. Just like him.

In fact, I'm married to him.

Now, before I even get started, let me freely admit that I don't profess to have a secret recipe for a long and happy marriage. We have only been married for four years and only together six.

But we have always promised to nurture our relationship, even now we have children. Our children are a result of our relationship and not the other way around and I can honestly say I love my husband more now than I did when we first got together.

I get excited when he comes home from work.

We make an effort for each other (he goes to the gym, I try not to wear pyjamas all day).

I miss him if he's working a long day.

I find him ridiculously attractive.

I melt when I see him with the kids.

I look forward to spending time just the two of us, even if it's a night in on the sofa with a bottle of wine.

But that hasn't just 'happened'. We make time for each other. Sometimes we can get babysitters (sometimes even overnight!) and we go to the theatre or to the pub or on a mini break. Sometimes we can't get babysitters but he'll come home from golf early, we'll put the kids to bed and we'll have a nice meal, make mojitos (and drink them, obviously) and watch a film.

Some days he irritates me so much I slam cupboard doors and huff a lot and I know that, most days, I do the same to him. In fact, on his return from a golf overnighter the other week, he gave me the following, romantic speech:

"I really missed you. Which is surprising because you really annoy me when I'm here."

We annoy each other. But my children annoy me sometimes and I love them from the depths of my heart.

And the same goes for my husband. Not because it's convenient. Not because it's easy. But because I still love getting dressed up and going for dinner with him. I love finding out things I never knew about him. I love how we have little jokes that only we understand.

I love him. And I hope we keep dating. Because that's what keeps me going when he's irritating the hell out of me ;)

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