And Then There Were Two: Words of the Week 25/08/2015                                                          

Words of the Week 25/08/2015

Nurturing and praising children has always been important to me, first as a teacher and then as a mummy. As a teacher, I've been given probably hundreds of pictures from school children to 'take home and put on the fridge' as one once said.

But I never did put one on the fridge. Why? Because my fridge wasn't big enough to fit them all on. And I couldn't choose just one because that would be choosing a favourite picture and, sort of, a favourite child. And, as a teacher, that doesn't feel quite right. (Don't get me wrong, fellow teachers, there are kids that we gel with more than others, some that even leave a little imprint on our heart, or at least our career. But I couldn't choose to display their pictures in my home and bin others).

But then I had my own child. And when he progressed from eating crayons to actually colouring with them I was so excited! And it's ok for me to put his pictures on the fridge (well the wall actually because the fridge is still too small) because he's mine and so it's ok for him to be my favourite!

Although now I have another. He is still at the crayon-eating stage so I've not had to create wall space for him yet. But when I do? I'll be putting number one boy's pictures into a scrapbook and I'll do the same for number two. Because, to them, these pieces of artwork are just that; works of art.

Actually not just to them. They're works of art to me too.

Cuddle Fairy