And Then There Were Two: If I Was A Poet.....                                                          

If I Was A Poet.....

I have become a bit obsessed with Erin Hanson on Pinterest recently (as any one who follows me will know after I pinned about seven pieces in five minutes a couple of weeks ago). She writes so beautifully. It's exactly how I would love to write poetry, but I don't have the words like Erin does.

She makes everything sound ethereal yet real.

Harsh yet romantic.

Magical yet ordinary.

Idealistic yet realistic.

Her poems are literally some of the most gorgeous things I've ever read.

And I think my favourite of all has to be the one below. It is everything I want to tell my children, but they are only 3 and six months old and currently have trouble understanding the word 'No'.

So, whilst this may currently be wasted on them, I'm hoping to get a print of it to display in the house. To remind them (and me) that this is what is important:

Cuddle Fairy