And Then There Were Two: An Open Letter To Those Trying To Conceive....                                                          

An Open Letter To Those Trying To Conceive....


To all those Trying To Conceive,

I am writing this to you. Man or woman. Younger or older than me. Straight or gay. First child or fifth. Conceiving naturally or otherwise. This is what I want to say to you. But what I would never dare say face to face.

You see, I feel embarrassed and a bit guilty that I conceived both my children naturally in four months. I have never suffered a miscarriage. Both my pregnancies and births were complication free. So I wont sit here and insult you by saying "I can only imagine what you're going through". Because I have no idea. I can't even begin to try and imagine.

But I do know people who are trying to conceive. Who have been trying for years.

I know people who tried to conceive for a long time before falling pregnant naturally.

I know people who had IVF to fall pregnant.

I know people who have had multiple failed IVF attempts.

I know people who have miscarried a baby. Some more than once.

And to all of you, these are the things I want you to know:

Because I can't imagine the heartache of not having my children.

And so, I am trying to use that to imagine your heartache at not having your children.

I still don't know what you're going through. I still feel ignorant to what you must be feeling.

But I hope. I hope so hard that you get what you want more than anything.

Love Me

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