Saturday, 2 July 2016

Say What?! Ridiculous Things People Tell Pregnant Women

Being pregnant seems to be an open invitation to friends, family, colleagues and complete strangers to give you advice and tell you anecdotes. I had all of these.

They're mostly ridiculous.

1. "Catch up on your sleep now - you'll need it when the baby comes." Yep. Obviously, after three months of no effing sleep, I wasnt actually tired because I'd slept a lot whilst I was seven months pregnant.

2. "Not long now". Only ever say this to a woman whose due date you know. Not to a woman* at a kids birthday party when she's only 31 weeks pregnant. Because when she responds with an over-the-top smile, saying "no a little while yet. 9 weeks actually," she's actually trying to hide the fact that she wants to cry and/or smack you in the face.

3. "Wow you're massive. Are you sure you're not having twins?" This is the pregnancy equivalent of saying to someone: "Wow you're massive. Are you sure you've not got an under-active thyroid?" A friend of mine got this a lot. She too felt the crying/smacking-in-the-face thing. She had one average sized baby. Which leads me onto....

4. "Whoa you're gonna have a ten pounder!" Please never say this to a pregnant woman, especially one who has given birth before. The thought of birthing a ten pound human is utterly terrifying.

5. "Was it planned?" Er, rude! You might think it. But never, ever say it.

6. "Are you prepared?" Maybe people mean this on a practical level. I mean, they must do. In every other way you cannot possibly be prepared. Physically, emotionally and mentally just know that YOU ARE NOT PREPARED. Even if it's not your first baby.

7. "At least you can eat whatever you want". Yep. Except Brie, raw seafood, rare meat, blue cheese, pate, runny eggs and anything alcoholic.

8. "You'll forget about the pain of labour as soon as you hold your baby." LIES. Does it make it all worth it? My goodness yes. Do you forget about it, even with the daily reminder of continual bleeding from your lady parts? Erm, no.

*Yes, that would be me.

Me. The woman who was massive. But still had one average sized baby. Who planned to have the baby (and then another). Who hated that she couldn't eat Brie. Who fully remembers labour. Who is always tired.

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  1. Yep...The jolly joke about the giant baby that you have to squeeze out soon...such comedians!! #FartGlitter

  2. Since we had our little one I've certainly been rather more careful when speaking to pregnant friends! 'Wow!! You're massive' is no longer my opening line 😂😂 #FartGlitter

  3. All so true. People are so unoriginal!! 😃 #fartglitter

  4. Not being able to have brie and blue cheese is the worst! Funny list, I had a couple of them when I was pregnant, but somehow managed to never push someone's face. #chucklemums

  5. Oh you're very funny! Thank you for my morning giggle over coffee! The things people feel they can say to a pregnant woman is crazy - I agree - love the sleep one and the eat anything you want one - really made me smile! #chucklemums

  6. Number 1 used to drive me potty, especially as family members used to team it with the fact that I didn't sleep as a child until I was 7 years old. "Yes, yes, I'll store up my sleep now for when I never get to sleep again". Oh and Baby Lighty slept through the night from 10 weeks old. #fartglitter

  7. People can be awful. Seems as soon as they come into contact with a pregnant person the brain to mouth filter just switches off and suddenly things that would be ridiculous and insulting are fair game! They deserve a pregnant person sitting on them. #chucklemums

  8. This post needs to be printed onto a T shirt which can be worn by all pregnant ladies! Why do people say these things? The worst one I had was from some grumpy woman serving me on the checkout at ASDA who said (to myself who was 42 weeks pregnant and waddling like a walrus) "You think it's tough now? Just wait til the baby gets here. It's a bloody nightmare and it lasts for about 20 years!" I was incredibly grateful for this useful nugget of information as you can imagine! Brilliant post and so true - number 5 especially!! How very dare they?
    Thanks for linking with us! #fartglitter x

  9. Oh yes, it's like they have to say something so opt for one of these completely ridiculous statements. Very annoying! #chucklemums

  10. It's annoying isn't it! Along with those old grannies who insist on grabbing your bump and saying your waters might break everywhere! #chucklemums