Sunday, 19 June 2016

How I Keep My House Clean

People always ask me how I keep my house so neat and tidy.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Of course they don't.

I have two young children and a dog.

How do I keep my house clean?

I don't.*

Even the dog is thinking wtf?!

*just to clarify that we don't live like complete tramps, I do throw bleach at the toilets every couple of days and whizz round with the baby wipes bi-weekly. And then husband usually steps in to do a proper clean every weekend to avoid us living in squalor.

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  1. I wish I could leave a photo as a comment as every room in my 65 foot apartment could trump that right now. Packing hell! (but honestly it doesn't typically look loads better)


  2. I feel your pain! Seriously though, it doesn't look that bad from the photo. I have written so many posts on this problem - still looking for an answer (sad face). #fartglitter

  3. I wish Misery Guts stepped in to do a proper clean! I have a disclaimer in the hall that reads 'excuse the mess, the children are making memories'! #fartglitter

  4. I do! I really do need these tips in my life haha. Looks perfect to me lovely! x

  5. If someone mentions the mess, just say that the kids have created some modern art on the floor. I'd say that. #chucklemums

  6. Perfect. Short, made me laugh out loud and featured my number one cleaning tool, baby wipes. #Chucklemums

  7. Damn I too have two small children and a dog and I was hoping for tips! At least I know I'm not alone... Thanks for making me laugh and joining #chucklemums!

  8. I keep my house clean by cramming everything into cupboards. #chucklemums

  9. Hahaha...You tricked me with that title! I am in the same boat. Sometimes I just give up. Thanks for sharing with #bigpinklink