Thursday, 22 October 2015

My Italian Kitchen

This is not as glamorous as it sounds. My kitchen is not filled with homemade pasta and lattes frothing in a coffee machine whilst I spin pizza dough around my head.

My kitchen has its own landmark. I like to call it The Leaning Tower of Coffee Pots.

Also known as "Why Can't You Just Put Them In The Effing Bin?"



  1. Hehe, can definitely relate to this. We have a kitchen bin and yet the worktop is still the go to spot for empty crisp packets, bread bags, etc. :) #wickedwednesday

  2. That's made me laugh. I have a recycling bin that can only be put out by me (not really) and so often looks like this! #WickedWednesdays

  3. Brilliant! Oh god we have diet coke cans. I could FIGHT over diet coke cans! Thanks so much for linking up and I hope to see you again at Wicked Wednesdays this week! x